Northern California artist Bryan Valenzuela lives and works in Sacramento. For over a decade he's been aiming to perfect a unique drawing technique involving the atomization of the figure by carving out shape and light with handwritten text.  Though virtually unnoticeable from afar, once the viewer steps closer to each work they are engulfed in a barrage of words intermingled with other mixed media elements such as needle and thread, acrylic paint, and collage. Recent winner of both the Leff-Davis Fund for Visual Artists and a Best in Show prize at the 2015 California State Fair Fine Art Exhibition, Valenzuela was chosen by the City of Sacramento in 2016 to create a large scale public art piece for the new Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento. When not working in the studio, he's composing and recording music, performing and touring with the band Exquisite Corps. 

photo by Nicholas Wray


Artist Statement

Building images with the written word is my primary visual focus. Paragraphs, sentences, phrases, and fragments are all the DNA of my work. Similar to the concept of DNA, the language acts as both form and content. As form, the text delineates figures and subjects layer upon layer as shading. Words varying in size from the miniscule and unreadable, to large and bold are used in a manner similar to crosshatching with pen and ink. As content, the language provides a sense of the inherent information and associations, metaphors and meanings embedded in everyday existence. The words come from a spectrum of sources ranging from original excerpts from journals, poems, songs, and automatic writings to specific scripts written for each piece in dialogue with the visual element.  They are utilized as a meditation or a conversation with the image itself in both literal and figurative ways. 

Foremost in each piece is a draughtsman-like attention to rendering in detail. A fascination with exactitude and precision which demands a constant process of image collection, and lengthy research into subject matter. On a general level, the subject matter explores connections between perceived opposites. The work aims to weave disparate elements into a whole. An idea alluded to in the use of sown scraps of canvas as a foundation. On a specific level, it searches for symbols that meld together interests in the natural world, psychology, physics, mathematics, and astronomy to name a few. All of them becoming, piece by piece, the building blocks of each image.


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CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, SACRAMENTO - Bachelor of Art in Art Studio - 2003



THE OTHER ART FAIR NYC -Dell Studio Booth Artist-in-Residence Live Drawing- Brooklyn Expo Center, Brooklyn, NY - 2017

KUMBAYA MOMENT (PUBLIC MURAL PROJECT) - Wide Open Walls (Mural Festival), Sacramento, CA - 2017

MULTITUDES CONVERGE (PUBLIC ART PROJECT) - Golden One Center, City of Sacramento, & Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission - 2016

BEST IN SHOW - California State Fair Fine Art Competition - 2015

UTILITY BOX PUBLIC ART PROJECT - CADA and Sacramento Metropolitan Art Commission - 2014

LEFF-DAVIS GRANT - Emerging Artist Award Grant - 2014

AWARD OF MERIT - California State Fair Fine Art Competition - 2009

2ND PLACE, MIXED MEDIA - University Art Open Competition - 2008

AWARD OF MERIT - California State Fair Fine Art Competition - 2007




FORM LORE - Beatnik Studios, Sacramento CA - 2016

NEW WORK - Deep Gallery, Sacramento CA - 2009

WORD MADE FLESH II - Deep Gallery, Sacramento CA - 2008

WORD MADE FLESH - Momo Lounge, Sacramento CA - 2006

LANGUAGE OF FACES - Senses Salon and Gallery, Sacramento CA - 2006




THE OTHER ART FAIR NYC (November)- Brooklyn Expo Center, Brooklyn, NY - 2017

CONDENSED - Beatnik Studios, Sacramento, CA - 2017

THE OTHER ART FAIR NYC (June)- Brooklyn Expo Center, Brooklyn, NY - 2017

THE LIVING MARK- Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland OR - 2017

OF, BY AND WITH WOMEN- Latino Center for Arts and Culture, Sacramento CA - 2017

ART STREET- M5 Arts Exhibition, Sacramento CA - 2017

PATTERNS OF DISORDER- Retrograde Collective Exhibition, Sacramento CA - 2017

SURREAL SALON 9 - Baton Rouge Gallery, Baton Rouge LA - 2017

THE ART AUCTION - Verge Center for the Arts, Sacramento CA - 2016

IF YOU DO ME, I'LL DO YOU - WAL Public Market , Sacramento CA - 2016

DUEL/DUAL (A two person show with Benjamin Hunt) - Blue Line Arts, Roseville CA - 2016

FINE ART COMPETITION EXHIBIT - California State Fair, Sacramento CA - 2015

A MORSEL FROM THE MAGISPHERE - Shimo Center for the Arts, Sacramento CA - 2013

SALON DE MYSTERE ET FUNK - T Street Retreat Pop Up Gallery, Sacramento CA - 2013

TAROT CARD SHOW - Bows and Arrows, Sacramento CA - 2013

BIG NAMES SMALL ART AUCTION - Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento CA - 2012

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE (6 MONTHS) - Beatnik Studios, Sacramento CA - 2011

BIG NAMES SMALL ART AUCTION - Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento CA - 2011

FINE ART COMPETITION EXHIBIT - California State Fair, Sacramento CA - 2009

MONTHLY MOSAIC - Sacramento News and Review Headquarters, Sacramento CA - 2009

UA ART COMPETITION - University Art Store, Sacramento CA - 2008

FINE ART COMPETITION EXHIBIT - California State Fair, Sacramento CA - 2007


VALENTINES SHOW - Deep Gallery, Sacramento CA - 2007

PRELUDE EXHIBITION - Else Gallery, Sacramento CA - 2003

WHAT IS BEAUTY? - Witt Gallery, Sacramento CA - 2002

REINVENTING THE MANIFESTO - California State University, Sacramento Library Gallery - 2001



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