Commissioned Mural - Napa Railyards Arts District (RAD NAPA) - 1275 McKinstry Street - Napa, CA 

8' X 20' 

Acrylic Markers, Acrylic on 5 Wood Panels


Commissioned by the Railyards Arts District Napa (RAD Napa), this work takes inspiration from the nature of communities to forge deep bonds through a sense of place and home in the face of adversity. Two hands clutch one another in a symbolic “helping hand”.  While there are only two arms represented in the piece, the title suggests a larger network beyond the frame. A daisy chain refers to numerous systems linked together such as in electrical wiring. The figures are drawn with a technique consisting of thousands of handwritten words that create shape, shadow and light. The text was written specifically for the piece in a non-linear, poetic narrative. It weaves an impressionistic story of the time and emotions during the local fires that were the deadliest, costliest and most destructive to date in the state's history.