Commissioned Mural - Pulse by Marriott Vacation Club- 2620 Jones Street - San Francisco, CA 

31' X 47' 

Acrylic Markers, Acrylic, Latex on Wood Wall


This completed mural is a contemporized reimagining and reorganization of the San Francisco City Seal, distilling certain icons in the city’s history and landscape. The Dahlia in this case has replaced the 1906 Fire Phoenix symbol in the original, recalling its overall shape yet making a new symbol for the new century in representing diversity with the image of many petals coalescing to create one giant bloom. The text written specifically for the piece is a long epic poem in vignettes that tell an impressionistic narrative of different time periods in the history of the city, from the carving of the bay landscape by glaciers in the last ice age all the way to the present day with nods to hope for the future.