Covered California commissioned mural - Golden Valley Health Center - 1130 6th Street - Modesto, CA 

8' X 30' 

Acrylic Markers, Latex, Spray Can


photography by Jesse Vasquez 

The mural entitled Nest commissioned by Covered California takes root in a simple concept: the health of our lives is the true wealth of our lives. In this way, our healthcare system becomes a vital part of the quality of that life through its various stages, from infancy all the way to older age. Like a nest from which we are nurtured and to which we return time and time again.

Visually, the mural depicts an abstract nest of swirling color that nestles two pairs of hands, an infants hands being cradled by an elderly woman's hands. The figures are drawn using my technique of handwritten text in different sizes and densities that act as both shadow and light in a style similar to crosshatching. Though virtually unnoticeable from afar, once the viewer steps closer they are engulfed in a barrage of words, phrases, paragraphs, and statements.

All the text acts as a further layer of information where the content is actually creating the forms. It's a method by which the themes of wellness and healthcare for the entire human community, through to the underserved segments of society, are illustrated within the drawing itself. The circle of life held complete and full in the nest of what healthcare can provide.