β€œFor many years, I have wanted to create something lasting that would recognize artists for their essential contribution to our culture, and also help them financially to create art.”
— Dr. Emily Leff

Last October, in a mad rush to raise some extra funds for a jaunt off to America's culture/music mecca New Orleans, I was selling a bunch of prints to various (very supportive) people around the area. The response was overwhelming and awesome, and one of my customer/friends gave me the heads up about an emerging artist grant that had an impending deadline. I kind of brushed it off, thinking, "oh, that'd be nice," but then forgot about it. Soon after though, she emailed me, being a little persistent and encouraging, saying she really thought my work would stand up well against the other applicants.  I went ahead and got all my materials together, made the proposal, and crossed my fingers.

To be honest, I wasn't really expecting much. It's the way these things are sometimes. You cast a lot of nets.

A couple of weeks back I got THE phone call.......I had received the grant! Silent victory dance(s) ensued, along with some slightly out of breath, trying-to-play-it-cool-thanks to the woman on the the line. I was kinda jumping out of my skin though, and when I got off the phone there was definitely a hoot or a holler or some kind of happy-man-yell. Pretty validating, especially considering there's a whole lot of amazing artists in the region, some of whom are good friends. 

Sending off the contract today, signed and sealed. The check should be in the mail soon! 

I wanted to give a huge thanks to Dr. Emily Leff and the Sacramento Region Community Foundation for awarding me and artist David Lane in the grant's inaugural year. Dr. Leff, a retired pathologist and avid art collector, established the fund with the Foundation to support artists on an individual level who have demonstrated professional commitment to their work. These types of grants are a kind of beacon for emerging artists like me, the kind of people feeling their way in the dark along non-traditional paths/lives.  

They're rolling out some great press for the announcement of the grant. Here's a link to the first of few little articles, this one from the Mountain Democrat out of El Dorado County:


And this from another small El Dorado County paper: